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Abbott Township

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GERMANIA, on the headwaters of Kettle Creek in northern Abbott Township, was established in 1855 by the Pennsylvania Farm Land Association as a colony for Germans then living in America. The company planned two villages, but the second, Victoria, was never founded. The Association owned 90,000 acres that were divided into 3,500 shares to be sold for $200.00 each. Each shareholder was to have a twenty-five acre farm and a town lot.

Agents took a prospectus and traveled throughout the northeast urging potential settlers to become shareholders. By 1855 enough shares had been sold and three men, Dr. Charles Meine, August Bodler and Isaac Miller, were sent to clear land. They also constructed a few cabins and a hotel.

Settlers began to arrive the next spring and discovered that the land did not appear fit for farming. In spite of the steep, forested hillsides most stayed to accept the challenge, and the farms became productive in spite of the terrain.

Germania grew to be a sizeable village. It had the county’s first fire department, and at one time supported two breweries, as well as a Lutheran and a Catholic church. A Scheutzen Verein, or shooting club, was formed in 1894, and a clubhouse and bowling alleys were located on the hill overlooking the town.


Today, Club Hill is the site of a pavilion built to honor Milton Braun, a former Germania merchant and Coudersport teacher. It is the site of the village’s Annual Old Home Day Celebration 

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Abbott Township
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Galeton, PA 16922